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Then produced under contract in the UK mostly by the Bradford Gas Engine Co.

ring=oldiron;id=32;url= Is it a hit and miss or throttler? A picture of the plate would be appreciated if it is an anomaly.

The only information I currently have are some photographs taken with my mobile phone.

I will do a full survey as soon as I have arranged transport to my garage.

By the morning most of the green coating was gone, and all it needed was a light polish.

The inlet and exhaust valves were in good condition so just a light lapping in to ensure a good seal.

I thought the piston was seized, but a sharp tap on the end of the con rod with a block of wood and a sledge hammer did the trick.I assume it is a 3 1/2hp oversize with the little 2 bolt mag? But if all you have is the number I would says its an oversize (so 3 1/2hp) and was built in 1925/26 :righton: The hit and miss are nice, I have one 501445 which I bought the day after my 18th at Welland. The larger oversize engines had a different shape hopper but the 3 mule just stayed the same, I guess it was only a small increase compared to the others 3It is said that after 512750, which is the number on Jan 1st 1924, they were 3 1/2hp but Associated don't always follow their own rules so it may well be a 3hp! Only one broken stud in the head which was good for a engine nearly 90 years old. I found soaking in paraffin, and then scrubbing with a paint brush was the best way to clean off the grease and grime.For the brass parts I soaked some paper kitchen towel in vinegar and wrapped it around the brass parts.

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