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With his eight career medals, he had become the most decorated American athlete to have ever seen the Winter Games.The United States isn’t a country particularly well-known for its performance in the winter games, let alone in inline speed skating, and so this achievement really served to cement Apolo Ohno as one of the most significant athletes in American sports.Apolo Ohno is widely known as the face of short track speed skating, and next to Shaun White, he’s arguably one of the biggest names among other American winter Olympians.

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Apolo put a lot of emphasis on weight loss during his training, wanting to be more physically fit than his competitors.His father did everything that he could to support his son’s athletic pursuits, and when Apolo was just 13 years old he was admitted into the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.This would allow him to focus his full attentions on training as a short track skater.He placed first in the 1999 World Junior Championships, and he would go on to place fourth in the 1999 World Championships.In the 2000 World Championships, his performance slipped a little bit, but a successful 2000 – 2001 season succeeded in placing the young man at the forefront of the American speed skating scene.

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