Christian dating scandinavia

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Ribe was an important trading town, and as a result, southern Denmark was made a diocese in 948 with Ribe as its seat, a part of the Archdiocese of Hamburg-Bremen under its first bishop, St.Leofdag who was murdered that year while crossing the Ribe River.He returned to Denmark twice to proselytize but without any recorded success.In 826, the King of Jutland Harald Klak was forced to flee from Denmark by Horik I, Denmark's other king. The realms of Scandinavia proper, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, established their own Archdioceses, responsible directly to the Pope, in 1104, 11, respectively.

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A second church was founded a few years later in Ribe on Denmark's west coast.In 831 the Archdiocese of Hamburg was founded and assigned responsibility for proselytizing Scandinavia.Ansgar returned to Birka in 854 and Denmark in 860 to reestablish some of the gains of his first visits.Harald agreed, and his family and the 400 Danes with him were baptized in Ingelheim am Rhein.When Harald Klak was forced from Denmark by King Horik I again, Ansgar left Denmark and focused his efforts on the Swedes.

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