Dating rickenbacker 4001

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Very few 4004Cii bassguitars were made with a conversion varnish finished fingerboard.

All Rickenbacker 4000 series basses have a dual truss rod system, which helps get a more accurate neck adjustment. The neck laminations of wood are different and stronger in a 4003 neck than they are in a 4001 neck.

Important: Before you attempt to do any of the following procedures, please carefully and thoroughly read the entire page, then read each section as you do that procedure of your set up.

For best results, do your set up procedures in the same order that they are found on this page.

Many necks of 4001 basses were ruined by players and even guitar repairmen that did not know the proper procedure of adjusting the truss rods.

4001 basses were designed and factory set up to handle the Rickenbacker set of low tension flatwound bass strings.

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