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She squirted at the end while fingering her ass."I’m pretty sure (given the bulk of such data) that the raw footages are fine if he practiced basic bulk storage practices and backups but it sounds like the work in progress and finished cuts he made for the site footage got lost, which are a giant time sink if he was the only guy editing the video.You’d think a dentist with a garage full of supercars and years of work would have some decent backup and redundancy procedures for risk avoidance but I guess anyone can get complacent.Tell us where and how you found it and then we can all take a look at all of the shots as I am sure you probably already know the answer. It’s probably some euro model (where 95% of the models have a physique like Claire’s aside from variances in boob size). Also, no really surprised on ftvx being vaporware, Rob probably kicked over a bottle of Louis XIII onto his pc and wiped out his editing work and doesn’t want to fess up. I'd say there is a very good chance that is Claire.It's from the "scrapbook" section at Glory Hole Swallow.Someone please ask if the Claire content is ok I can’t imagine it’s that, Melody can’t be his 1st working girlfriend to break up with.My bets are on data loss (hd failure/stolen hd’s/ransomware/etc) or an issue with a large number of model release forms.That or Rob is abandoning porn to work on his space mmo, race his supercars or other rich guy pursuits before he gets too old.

Now it sounds like the people betting on data loss are right!

I think this just boils down to pure laziness, complacency and an outright disregard for the faithful fans that are/were really looking forward to the FTVX launch.

As I stated before I am really over this and I doubt I will be subscribing...

I mean if you can promise the launch date of the site this many times and then not come through, whose to say that once you get a bunch of subscribers that you will actually update the site on a regular basis and give people their money's worth?

Indeed, plus it doesn’t help that people close to Rob and the website drop cryptic, ambiguous or sarcastic statements (like Melody and Leyden) and expect fans to settle down.

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