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Although we might have expectations walking into a date, it’s the actual date itself that will define the outcome.For example, if the guy you meet spends the evening talking about his dislike of children and you’ve always dreamt of having children, it’s unlikely you’ll be looking forward to a second date.Never try to rush them and force them to do anything they are not ready to do.Make sure you cover all the steps required to build trust with your prospect. Let me know in the comments below if you have used a similar approach in your Facebook Ads campaigns and what the results were like.Building out a sales funnel on Facebook is important if you want to create long term success for your Facebook Ads campaigns.

What we believe at Roobix is that everyone, knows someone that needs our services.In fact, the only answer you would expect from a sane person is an emphatic, “NO!” But this is what businesses are doing every day on Facebook.They just need to know what we do, trust we do it well and like us enough to tell someone else about us.In our experience some of our least ‘enthusiastic’ initial client meetings have delivered us our most wonderful & profitable clients.

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