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Our Form 10-Q will be filed later today with the SEC. Instructions for the replay are included in today’s press release. As we've communicated over the past several quarters, we are making significant progress developing and deploying technologies that provide environmental and safety benefits to the mobility market.

" In one fluid movement he folded the Scrabble board and tipped the letter tiles back into their tray. Martin: A top secret government program involving instantaneous travel to other solar systems by means of a device known as a Stargate!

I will begin by reviewing our legal disclosure regarding forward-looking statements.

I would like to remind all participants that certain statements made during this conference call may constitute forward-looking statements.

Bob: Hey, Alice, have you ever noticed how sometimes a character will talk to another character about something that sounds like it's really about the show they're in, but it makes perfect sense in context? Usually it sounds strained because it's hard to make this kind of dialogue sound completely natural. Male Scientist 1: You should focus on creating something new and unique. Male Scientist 2: Oh, but this is more than a replication, I assure you.

Bob: But if they can pull it off, it's usually good for a bit of comedy. For one, it shows how far our field has come since the original study was published, and to say nothing of the modern perspective necessary to monitor its influence.

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