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Coverage includes all briefs (except responses to in forma pauperis petitions) filed 1998 Term to present and selected briefs filed 1982-1996.The briefs can be searched or browsed by keyword, type or subject. Free web sites available to all Cornell Community - available to entire Cornell community Law School Computers - available only using Law School workstations Password Protected - access restricted to Law School students and faculty.No cert-stage briefs are provided for habeas cases or for criminal cases that are summarily decided or where cert. File Name: SCT-BRIEF-ALL Inclusions: Merits and Amicus Briefs filed with the Supreme Court of the United States for cases in which certiorari has been granted or probable jurisdiction has been noted and for which oral arguments have been scheduled.File Name: SCT-JA Inclusions: Selected joint appendices.Rules 33 and 34 governing document preparation, page limits, printing and style requirements. Booklet colors and page limits are stated in Rule 33(g).Rule 33(f) requires that forty copies of each document be filed, several of which are then distributed to depositories of printed Supreme Court briefs. Thus, the library has a significant print collection of Supreme Court records and briefs. Includes selected coverage for merits and amicus briefs, petitions, and joint appendices beginning 1979 (with a few briefs from 1936-1978).All merits and amicus briefs are available for cases granted certiorari after 1993-1994 term, and all petitions are available for cases granted certiorari after 1999-2000 term. A source for the latest documents, this site provides access to petitioner and respondent merits briefs. This is the site the Supreme Court references with its link On-line MERITS BRIEFS.Part of the SCOTUSblog, users will find petition-stage documents for cases selected by the SCOTUSblog publisher that he believes have a chance to be granted cert.

In 1821, the Supreme Court amended its rules by adding a requirement that the parties submit briefs. Rule 26 on the joint appendix, which contains the records from courts below. Booklets have different colors depending upon the type of document and documents are of varying lengths.

It currently covers from the October, 2006 Term forward.

This can be a useful source for difficult-to-find cert petitions. This site provides access to briefs filed by the Solicitor General.

The joint appendix includes the relevant docket entries; any relevant pleadings, jury instructions, findings, conclusions, or opinions; the judgment, order, or decision under review; and any other parts of the record that the parties wish to bring to the Court's attention. Address: Inclusions: From 7/1998 to present, all briefs filed by the Solicitor General, except responses to IFP cases. area companies will photocopy briefs of the Supreme Court of the United States currently on file at the Library of Congress.

From 1993-1996, and 1986-1990 Solicitor General merits briefs and responses. Please see the website for information on omissions, arrangement, and formats. This is a partial list, for informational purposes only, and implies no Supreme Court endorsement of any entity.

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