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The screen that appears allows you to easily call the police through the SOS line or get medical attention fast, simply by swiping a finger across the phone.Want to do a quick math problem instead of counting on your fingers in public? There is no need to ever open the Calculator app again when you're trying to compute simple math problems quickly.Think of this as a sleep timer set on the TV, but with music.If you're the type of person that enjoys listening to soothing music before bed or perhaps some delta waves, you know the troubles of falling asleep only to be woken up by bizarre music.This is not just a hack, it is a life-changing revelation.

Now the timer is set to automatically stop playing music for the allotted time, instead of setting an alarm off.

Simply hold down the period icon, ('.') , in the bottom left corner when sending an email to someone, so that a list of short-cuts appear.

These options will pop up on the screen: - from there, tap on whichever ending is needed and it will automatically add it to the end of the email address. While typing out an address in a browser, hold down the '.' to bring up different URL suffixes such as and other easy short-cuts.

When using the Calculator app, it can get frustrating to mistype digits because once you've typed a number, in order to delete it you have to clear all progress.

Fortunately there is a way to delete a single digit without having to hit clear (the C button) each time and start anew.

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