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Last weekend, posters bearing the group's name were scattered in various places, most notably at the Camp Flog Gnaw carnival. In 2015, Pharrell gave fans a sign of hope when he revealed that he and the group were working on new material. are slated to perform at Complex Con this weekend, marking their first live show since Tyler, The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in 2014.If you're feeling lonely this Valentine's Day, here's a rationalization: The probability of finding someone compatible in the world -- by even the thinnest criteria of age, education, attractiveness and sanity -- is tragically small.It all comes down to something called "asymmetrical information." Daters know more about themselves than their prospective mates.This "quality uncertainty" -- I'm using only the sexiest lingo to ensure that my own loneliness won't be caused by market failure -- affects who participates in the market.

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The effervescent single is accompanied by a new video, which briefly features the Bajan songstress and a bald-headed model, who eventually steals the show.

For one, most people are interested in more than just a first date: They want relationships -- second and third and thirtieth dates -- and if you assume that the liars are discovered and dumped over the first dinner, it might provide some incentive to tell the truth from the beginning.

But my own hunch is that there would still be some kind of market failure, especially if getting a first date -- even if it means being a bit of a letdown in person -- is viewed as more important than reducing the chance of a second.

Life's best natural filters are exhaustible (friends of friends of friends) or time-specific (you can't stay in college forever).

The modern world's artificial filters (matching algorithms) are of questionable help. Even after you think you've settled, Facebook presents boundless options of plausibly superior alternatives, nudging us to "trade up."In an effort to shift the blame away from our individual failings, let me suggest another explanation for why finding love stinks: The market for mates is structured to fail, especially on the Internet.

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