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Because of the additional German lyrics the record credits "K. This recording is a little more uptempo than the original.

The album contains also renditions of The Sound of Silence, Hey Jude among others.

Quite a lot of money has gone into this project: all recordings were done at Abbey Road.

It seems to target the German market, with all liner notes in German.

If the man on the photo on the cover is Bobby Johnson than he is a black man. Although no year is listed, it came out at the time the original was issued Funk fusion guitar heavyweight Hiram Bullock and Japan's king of the Hammond B-3, Kankawa, recorded live in Japan performing originals and heavy renditions of Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, and California Dreamin' by the Mamas and Papas!

The EP includes WSOP, Another Mann, Do It Again A Little Bit Slower and Tramp (the last two songs were also issued on a single in the UK in 1967 : Ember EMB S 245) 4.56 1993 CD Keith Emerson has played AWSo P with Bonilla, live: Emerson doesn't try to do anything particular with it, other than play the chords. Read more here and listen to it here On a CD Cropredy - The Best and the Guests which was given away as a limited bonus with the 4CD Fairport Unconventional set. Siegel jr." Kunze / Siegel are two very successful German song writers / music publishers in Germany till these days. Hiram Bullock, guitar, vocals; Kankawa, keys; with Kenji Hino on bass, and Fuyu, on drums This bizarre version starts rather straight with the Brooker-melody backed by the Fisher introduction; then some ham-fisted percussion beefs it up a bit; there's a 'development' section with deviant, Swingle-type chords that are faded before they have a chance to make their mark: the familiar material doesn't return. There is a version of AWSo P titled Cada Vez Ms Plida, '[She's] Getting Paler Everytime" in a record called Mariachi Barroco ['Mariachi Goes Baroque'] Epic DS 8031 (the catalogue number comes from a Peruvian release) in which Matthew Fisher's organ line is taken on the first verse by a trumpet usual on the typical mariachi line-up.

Doro is a death-metal band fronted by a Dorothee Pesch, born in Dusseldorf in 1964.

The record was manufactured by Chess Productions Corp.

The producer is Bobby Miller, with arrangement by Charles Stopney This is one of the most soulful renditions of the song that I have heard.

the oddest, and from a collector standpoint perhaps most interesting, of the BBC tracks is A White Spade from Mayall, a song not included on Those Who Are About to Die Salute You.

As the humorous title suggests, it borrows some of its melody from A White [] Shade of Pale," also briefly quoting from the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"; perhaps it was felt to be too much of a goof-off to merit consideration for placement on the LP. Constanten is a pretty interesting guy, in case you've never paid attention to him.

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