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Read more about the performance evaluation process.

Go to edu for helpful resources on creating your requisition and managing your candidates.

The channel is run by Ryan Higa—a native Hawaiian who creates funny skits and parody videos based on a wide variety of situations.

He's well known for screaming “TEEHEE” at the end of each video and has over 17 million subscribers as of May 2016 (more than RWJ at the time of writing).

Most top You Tubers have achieved celeb status that rivals those of mainstream media.

He's very well known for filming himself playing characters like “Shananay” and “Aunt Hilda,” which are just two of his iconic personalities that appear like they’re interacting with one another in the videos.

The group of guys who run this channel spends ridiculous amounts of money on grocery supplies for their videos, and then use all that food to cook up different monstrosities (usually made almost entirely of meat) in the kitchen before stuffing their faces with it.

Their signature ingredients include bacon and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

She’s been a top You Tuber for years and her videos only keep getting better!

Makeup tutorials are huge on You Tube, and Michelle Phan is one of the biggest and most renowned makeup artists out there.

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