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:) I can email you before and after pictures if interesting in seeing my personal and truly amazing results. Not to mention, it seems fuller and I have stopped using all my volumizing products because it's fuller and very shiny. I just read reviews on the other product they sell which is Hydroxatone.

Those reviews were filled with people saying what a difficult time they were having getting their money back or even getting anyone to answer the phone, so that's a little scary.

The shampoo and conditioner used together worked wonders for my hair! Second, I have been abusing my hair (coloring, perming, etc.) since I was in my 20's (now 46). I can not pay for something that has made me sick, hair or no hair. Vickie To Vickie: Not sure if this will help you but the reaction you are having is from the minoxidil.

They didnt even contact me to let me know that the money was taken out of my account.

Also they didnt even refund me my money wen I told them my situation.

There is nothing on the shampoo or conditioner bottles saying that it does or does not.

Can anyone tell me if you have experienced problems with it fading your hair color or not.

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