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Festivals and Feastdays - Fiestas in Bohol Bohol festivals and feast days are part and parcel of Boholano culture.Boholanos are fun-loving, generous to a fault, and deeply religious.Accommodations - Cheap to Luxury Resorts Bohol Accommodations, Hotels and Resorts, Inns, Pension Houses, Villas at various places: Panglao, Dauis, Tagbilaran, Anda, Talibon, Tubigon, Backayon, etc. Its size is no longer than an adult mans hand and weigh only about 113 to 142 grams or four to five ounces.Tell Us Your Bohol Stories - Bohol Travel Tales Visitors tell their Bohol stories - straight from the heart. Chocolate Hills of Bohol Philippines - World Natural Heritage World famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol are natural 1,268 cone-shaped hills whose strange geological formation has baffled geologists but entertains both locals and tourists alike.

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Bohol's ecology and natural heritage are few of the wonders to see.

Only Bohol has a 134-hectare sanctuary for the small tarsiers.

Prony is the biggest python in captivity ever known.

Cross-Country Trekking, Climbing, Hiking, Walking, Ecotourism Bohol Trekking offers rolling hills, patches of forest interspersed with small villages and pastoral farmlands cross-country treks without ascending high mountains Restaurants Bohol Restaurants offers various dining and cuisine options - are located either in hotels, resorts, or around the Tagbilaran city and other towns offering local or international cuisine. Bohol Delicacies Bohol is further known for its festive fiestas and merry-making.

And one thing to boast upon is the native mouth-watering delights that are already been recognized as signature Boholano Delicacies. Products of Bohol Bohol is known for its own native products, products made from the indigenous materials found in the province and processed and made by the own hands and sweat of the native people of Bohol.

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