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It’s a massive compendium of the dirty tricks and covert actions (including coups, assassinations, subverted elections, proxy wars, death squads, torture, drug running) done by a completely immoral, secret, criminal, rogue agency (but with the approval of the President and Congress). (South End Press, Boston, 2000, 204 pages.) Interviews with David Barsamian.Ahmad was a very civilized, cultured, calm, educated, rational voice on the left. These wide-ranging interviews cover such topics as Kashmir, Palestine, Orientalism, the Taliban, the demonization of Islam, the perils of nationalism, the lexicon of terrorism, the Armenian Genocide, Sri Lanka, poetry and revolution, and much more.See also, Sally Inch, (Pantheon, New York, 1984, 236 pages, with an introduction by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective). Wertz, a long essay published at the beginning of the French edition of volume one, was published separately in English (Vintage, 1968, 181 pages).This is a detailed, carefully researched, empirical study of all the many medical interventions that can happen to a mother in hospitals. See also the outstanding book by Michel Odent, (Pantheon Books, 1984, 123 pages). A prolific writer, Sartre wrote plays, novels, a study of Jean Genet, a five-volume study of Gustave Flaubert (. (Black & Red, Detroit, 1974, 284 pages.) The story of the anarchist revolution in the Ukraine during the early years of the Soviet Union, and its suppression by the Boksheviks. An annoying book, by aspiring professional journalists, whose first-hand observations somehow mostly missed the meaning of the revolt, viewing it as they were (these 25 editors, reporters, and researchers of the (Signet, New York, 1969, 224 pages).She explored this thesis in Chapter Six of this book (pages 217-285), "The Revolutionary Tradition and Its Lost Treasure." Her big book is (1968).She has many insightful things to say about authority, power, freedom, democracy, revolution, violence, anti-semitism, although, for my tastes, she writes with an insufficient awareness of capitalism as an historical social order.There are huge gaps in it still, mostly related to identity politics, like women's, gay and lesbian, and African-American studies.

An expose of the dangers of medicalized childbirth and a discussion of the wisdom of the natural process.He resigned from the CIA in disgust in 1968 and began writing his insider expose, published in 1975, which remains one of the best of (now) several.He has been hounded and harassed by the CIA ever since, with his passport revoked.(Addison-Wesley, New York, 1995, 215 pages.) This is the first book of prison writings from the framed, still-incarcerated, former Black Panther, radical journalist.The effort to free him has sparked an international movement.

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