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I come here for Comfort and read what other's went through. God Bless I'm not even sure how I ended up on this site but these stories are sounding all too familiar. I had the same experiences with my scammer and we even talked on regular phone calls. Actually became close, he was very caring, loving, but he always within a few days had a hardship of money, mostly for his phone as he was only alloted so much time. I use to feel safe here but he was told about it and Threatened me for putting my story on here. I shut them down and these guys/gals that read Facebook are dangerous and I’ll just keep blocking but still would like to know if anyone knows of Craig Lisowski or Robin Marler Arelene.

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That didn't work so then when he told me after Christmas he would come and visit me but he wasn't in the state and that was the bye bye. As his texts became longer it was evident he had broken English.

He claimed that he fell in love with me madly from day 1.

Just picture a very different man than the one in the photo. Go to the site editor recommends and search the photos. And he will pay me back after the work in Turkey is done.

Let's keep it safe for all and if any of us feel that there is a scammer on here and posting then please let the editor of this page know and By All Means Please Do Not Give Them This Site. I doubt I’ll hear from him again but will happily join in the effort to stop these predators from this abhorrent behavior. Has anyone been approached by an oil rig engineer looking to start a relationship through asking you to play a game in WWF and then starting a convo through the WWF app before asking for your phone number? Let's stay alert and refuse their ridiculous requests for Itunes cards and whatever else they lie about. My scammer was Brazilian and he spoke Portuguese and he said he was a US citizen and that his mother raised him in Rio de Janeiro.

We are aware that they can find it but we do Not need to give it to them on a silver plate!!! My scammer called me from the oil rig in the gulf of Mexico one time and there were also children in the background. This man took me for ,000 and found me on Twitter Join the Facebook page too so you and I can communicate.

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