Queensland dating

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Theodore must be one of the most luxuriant looking towns beyond the Great Divide.

The description of the dream was that Theodore would be 'planned on the most modern lines...

In 1923 many of the larger properties in the area were resumed by the government who planned to develop an elaborate irrigation system and sell smaller blocks of land for more intensive agriculture.

A publication known as the 'Little Green Book' was widely circulated.

Traversing the township from north to south is a spacious garden boulevarde, intersected at intervals by avenues which have also been planted with palms and shade trees in such a manner as to led a restful appearance to the scene..the centre of the town is an oval around which has been erected the residences for the accommodation of members of the Commissioners local staff..oval is laid out in lawns, in the centre of which stands a picturesque water tower 50 feet high, from which the town water supply is reticulated.

The floor of the tower is arranged as a bandstand.' It is worth noting that a new tower supplies the town with treated water and, sadly, the bandstand has long departed.

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