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This is the default: In the Nyquist Workbench, the "compiler" and "nocompiler" debugflags control whether the generated Lisp code from the SAL compiler will be sent to "stdout" or to the output window in the Nyquist Workbench.Specifies the maximum number of samples to be processed.But it is possible to write several plug-ins with the same name but with different ";type" lines, which then will appear under the same name in different Audacity menus. The version line is required to allow Audacity to run the plug-in correctly and prevents plug-ins with new features from being loaded in an old Audacity program that is missing required features. There can be several "control" lines in the plug-in header.Add one for each widget to appear in the dialog box -- see Nyquist Plug-in Widgets below.For a full description of the plug-in language, read the Nyquist Reference Manual.There are, however, some details of how plug-in code is processed that is unique to Audacity plug-ins and therefore not covered in the Nyquist manual.

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Internal Debug Options There is an optional "debugflags" line available, which skips the plug-in window and directly executes the plug-in code, so if a "debugflags" line is found in the plug-in header no user-interaction is possible. The plug-in behaves as if the "Debug" button was clicked by the user.

For example, your plug-in can display a slider to control volume or filter frequency.

Values from the widgets are passed through global variables to the plug-in.

Nyquist plug-ins are simple text files ending with the file name extension ".ny".

When Audacity starts, it looks in a plug-ins directory for files and automatically adds the effects it finds there to the Audacity menus.

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