She s dating the gangster

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Another friend had actually taken the guns, Lockhart insisted.He gave the name of someone who, conveniently, was behind bars on an unrelated murder charge.Tell the dispatcher you see someone with a gun in the area, Lockhart told him.

"He asked me if I wanted a glass of water." The trio darted out of the house empty-handed, only to hear the shriek of police sirens growing closer. He texted a fellow volunteer at Cease Fire, and asked him to call 911.

Murray thought Lockhart was trying to convince him they were both on the same team, a couple of guys who were each doing their part to address Philly's gun-violence epidemic. 12 when Murray started putting Lockhart's words down on paper.

He kept the tone light for the first couple of hours. After Lockhart dined on chicken fingers, fries and a Coke, they started talking again. "Michael," he said, "please tell me what you know about the events leading up to the shooting that occurred on August 18, 2015." Jerry "Boog" Brooks, the head of a small West Philly drug gang, had asked one of his friends, Kerry Foster, to hide three of his guns for a few days, Lockhart told the detective.

She was 34, and her steely blue eyes narrowed with intensity whenever she discussed the cold-blooded ambush of Lawrence Downs.

She'd promised Downs and his family that his attackers would not get away scot-free.

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