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I recently purchased Cold Water and find the game interesting. do=cat&id=103 Oh yah be sure to read instructions since the CCCP / Russian campaign mod states problems like uninstall, clean install, problems when installing with other mods already installed etc.. I would like to install some of the mods but, I am using a late 2012 i Mac with a Ge Force GTX 660M. I have been unable to locate the files for Cold Water to install the mods. Simply place this folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cold Waters\Cold Waters_Data\Streaming Assets This is for Win OS, on your i Mac, navigate to the game folder Streaming Assets Do NOT touch the default folder.To remove the mod, remove the override folder again.Take command of post world-war 2 submarines from multiple countries in an alternate reality campaign during the cold war.

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Games usually feature either US submarines in the Pacific, or U-Boats in the Atlantic.

There are also a number of simulators available for underwater robots such as AUVs.

These simulators are commonly used by research institutes for testing robot control and coordination algorithms before or during the development of a submarine.

Actual envelope: envelopes: Actual key sheets: sheets: Original: form, with an actual decoded message: You can read more about this procedure here (scroll down to Kriegsmarine Procedures) here: System Amazing!

It will be an interesting ride to see the realism level that this sim will achieve in the next half decade or so.

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