Who is jeff goldblum dating

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April/May is when the summer ’16 movies go into production, and to that end, Independence Day 2 is getting its ducks in a row, announcing some key casting. They are about to celebrate their birthdays, just six days apart, in a couple of weeks. This is Jeff Goldblum last night in Hollywood after dinner at Mr Chow.Relative unknown Jessie Usher will star as the grown-up version of Will Smith’s son from the first movie—Smith won’t be appearing in the sequel—and Liam, The Lesser Hemsworth will also star in a lead role. Many of you are having an issue about the age difference between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. He’s always been sort of geeky-yet-suave and he has that great voice. Bigger surprise: his girlfriend is 31 years old and he proposed to her. ) and Emilie posted some photos on her social media detailing the proposal. Personally, I don’t care that much about the age difference. He proposed to her in a store (their favorite store? That must be the good thing about marrying a man thirty years older – saying you’re in it “for life” seems pretty possible.

Full Story Entertainment Weekly has the first look at Thor: Ragnarok on its cover this week, and it is an Eighties-fantastic explosion of COLOR and LIGHT and HAIR.She says she was She also posted some coupled-up pics with the hashtags: #haleakala #sunrise #jeffgoldblum #emilielivingston #soulmates #initforlife #love. She was in her late 20s when they started up, so it’s not like he was hanging out at high schools looking for a new girlfriend. By your late 20s, you can marry a man 30 years older and go into it with open eyes. I wanna marry a dude 30 years older than me so I don’t have to work! If there was one thing in the world you never knew you needed, it’s probably a Jeff Goldblum activity book. Not only is the activity book very real, it’s also the perfect thing we need in our lives.We currently live in a world of uncertainty, but if there’s one thing we ~can~ be certain of, it’s that Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure.

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